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Best Hate Mail Ever

Today’s appearance on public radio led to this rant from a listener:


I realize you have to appeal to all listening groups, but today’s guests affirmed why 

it spols my day to hear such a racket mislabeled as music: What were they so 

angry about?  


From an amateur psychiatric viewpoint, their group affliction seems to be that 

they have inner conflict issues they feel they need to expiate on stage.  If one is 

not a social worker who grooves on helping strangers leave their psychic pain 

behind, what enjoyment is that supposed to provide for an audience of normal 



From a human nature standpoint, the old adage remains as true as ever: “Laugh and

the world laughs with you; cry, and you cry alone.”  Emanating free-floating anger

alienates normal people.  The only exception: Other hurting, angry people, who see 

in them that they have found kindred spirits with whom to engage in writhing together 

as a group.  “Misery loves company.”


What a downer!  Thank you for not having them run on longer.  That was not “music.”

It was sharing in misfits’ inner pain and struggle.  Otherwise, no redeeming social

value whatsoever.  I hope they find surcease and relief before they do harm to others

or themselves.  That much bottled-up anger bodes ill indeed.

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